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Bereavement presents & sympathy gifts - memorial prints

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Looking for a personalised bereavement gift?  Specialising in bereavement presents and sympathy gifts, we can create something truly special, whether it's a bereavement gift for the loss of a mother, father, grandparent or friend. Maybe it's the anniversary of your loved ones passing and you would like a memorial print created in their memory to commemorate.

Customise Your Print Easily. 

Start by choosing the size and frame for your print, along with how many individual photos you are uploading. The cost automatically changes based on your choices.

Worried About Photo Quality? Just upload your pictures when you order. If there’s a problem, we’ll reach out for better ones. If we can’t use your photos and haven’t started designing, you get a full refund. It is rare that we won’t find a solution. 

How to Order:

1. Select Options: Choose the size and frame for your print. Alternatively if you are international or would like to print yourself you can select ‘digital file’ for email. Select the amount of individual photos you are uploading and upload them.
2. Checkout: Add your choices to the basket and complete your purchase.
3. Photo Check: If we need better photos, we’ll let you know within 1-3 days. If you can’t provide new ones and we can’t use the old ones, we offer a refund before we start designing (rare that we don’t find a solution)
5. Preview & Approval: We’ll send you a preview of your print within 7 working days to ensure you are happy in case you need any amendments before printing. If you’re in a hurry, email us your order number for priority service where possible to
6. Delivery: After you approve your print, we’ll post it to you via first class post. If you prefer a digital file, especially for those not in the UK, choose “digital file” for a fast email delivery.

Photo Tips for Great Prints:

• Clear Photos: where possible make sure your photos are clear, without blur, and taken in good light. Ideally up close and not taken from a far away distance. 
• Photo Composition: Photos should ideally show people from the waist up to avoid pictures that look odd. However if you’re limited in photos of a particular person or they are old photos please send them…we can often work wonders.
• Black and White Prints: We make ‘merged’ prints in black and white because colour photos often don’t blend well together.

With these simple steps, you can create a personalised print that captures your favourite memories or add in loved ones that have passed, for that family picture you never had the chance to get. Start creating now with People Digital Prints!

PLEASE NOTE: when uploading photos please ensure there are no more than 3 people per photo.

Please note; size 7x5 inch prints can only be selected for up to 3 photos, 10x8 inch can only be selected for up to 7 photos